Brewers vs Dodgers

Brewers vs Dodgers prediction, preview: MLB playoffs schedule, bracket, live stream, TV, and things to know On Friday, we’ll witness the start of the 2018 National League Championship Series and it’s a beauty. We’ve got the Milwaukee Brewers.
coming from the smallest market in baseball and having never won an NL pennant against the defending NL champion Dodgers, who reside in the second-largest market in baseball.
David vs. Goliath? I’m sure some will paint it that way. The Brewers did end up with the most wins in the NL, though, and have home-field advantage in this series as a result.
Here is what you need to know about this series.
LCS games will air on Fox, FS1 and TBS, which can be streamed on fuboTV (Try for free). For a look at the complete schedule, click here.
NLCS schedule, bracket
Fri., Oct. 12
8:09 p.m. ET
L.A. Dodgers at Milwaukee
Sat., Oct. 13
4:09 p.m. ET
L.A. Dodgers at Milwaukee
Mon., Oct. 15
7:39 p.m. ET
Milwaukee at L.A. Dodgers
Tue., Oct. 16
9:09 p.m. ET
Milwaukee at L.A. Dodgers
Wed., Oct. 17*
5:05 p.m. ET
Milwaukee at L.A. Dodgers
Fri., Oct. 19*
8:39 p.m. ET
L.A. Dodgers at Milwaukee
Sat., Oct. 20*
9:09 p.m. ET
L.A. Dodgers at Milwaukee
FS1The Brewers haven’t lost in a long time
The Brewers closed the regular season with an eight-game winning streak, just stealing the NL Central from the Cubs, and then swept the Rockies in the NLDS. It’s an 11-game winning streak overall, but it’s more jarring when we put it in this context:
By the time the NLCS starts, it will have been 20 days since the Brewers last lost a game.
Take from this what you will, whether it’s “they are so hot they’ll keep winning,” “they are due for a loss” or that it doesn’t really mean anything other than that they have been playing great baseball.
I just find it interesting and outstanding.
The Dodgers have been one of baseball’s best teams for a while
Through 162 games, the Dodgers were 91-71 and needed to win a tiebreaker game over the Rockies to secure their sixth straight NL West title. That is 13 games worse than last season and they were only good enough for the third-best record in the NL. With this level of payroll and talent, it probably sounds like a disappointing regular season. After all, they were “under” on the over/under Vegas line.
We always need context, though. Almost everything that could have possibly gone wrong did for about six weeks.
From early to mid-May, the Dodgers lost nine of 10 games with eight of those losses coming to the three NL last-place teams (Padres, Reds, Marlins). They got Justin Turner back and a sort of switch flipped. From May 15 to the end of the season, the Dodgers went 76-45, four games better than the Cubs for the best record in the NL in that time (five games better than the Brewers).
That 76-45 record, by the way, is a 162-game pace of 102 wins. They just won three of four from the Braves, too, which pretty well falls in line with that.
Basically, these Dodgers have been a true talent 102-win team since the middle of May.
Two championship droughts in context
Again, there’s always context. For the huge-money, marquee-franchise Dodgers, not winning the World Series since 1988 is a drought. This is their 12th trip to the playoffs since that championship and, again, their sixth straight appearance in the postseason. They have yet to get the job done and last year was their first pennant since 1988. Many surely believe this is unacceptable and anything less than hoisting that trophy after the Fall Classic will be considered a disappointment.
On the flip-side, the Brewers don’t get here all too often. This is only the fifth playoff appearance in franchise history. There were none between 1982 and 2008. This is only the third time in a League Championship Series and the second time on the NL side. The franchise has one pennant, but that was in the AL. The Brewers have never been to the World Series as the NL representative.
Also, the Brewers have been in existence for 50 years and have never won the World Series. The Dodgers have been to the playoffs 32 times with 23 pennants and six World Series titles.

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